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Sharing the Heart of Christ (Burke, Kevin)

Authored by the founders of the Rachel’s Vineyard post-abortion retreat and Fr. Frank Pavone, this book discusses abortion trauma, the methodology of Rachel’s Vineyard, and tips for counselors and clergy involved in post-abortion ministry.

Secret Sin: When God's Children Choose Abortion (Comm, Mary)

Abortion is one of the last great secret sins that remains “in the closet.” And because the Church hasn’t been aware of the magnitude of this secret sin or how it affects those it touches, the Church has done little or nothing to help these people suffering silently in their midst to find healing in Christ.This book was written to pull back the curtain giving those within the Church an inside look into the world of the post-abortive Christian with the intent of spurring them on to begin reaching out to those hurting people with the compassion of Christ.

Grieving Reproductive Loss. The Healing Process. (Gray, Kathleen)

Extremely helpful book for those who assist women and men who have had reproductive losses, including abortion. This relatively short book is an easy read and provides concrete suggestions for clergy, grief facilitators, and mental health professionals; written by experts in the field of grief.

Do Not Lose Hope. (Maestri, Fr. William F.)

A series of eight short reflections on the lived experience of women struggling after abortion, tied to the words of Pope John Paul II in paragraph 99 of Evangelism vitae (The Gospel of Life). The author, a priest, writes from his own experience as a pastor who has counseled post-abortive women.