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A New Found Freedom!

Merriam Webster defines a ball and chain as something that limits one’s freedom or ability to do things. The Google dictionary defines it as a crippling encumbrance. Even if relief after an abortion is initially experienced, often the grief, shame, sadness, depression, isolation, can become a crippling encumbrance that limits your ability to fully function.  It is as if we are a prisoner, strapped to a chain, dragging a heavy ball of burdens weighing us down in despair.

Recently an abortion recovery participant described that she was a prisoner bound by ball and chain for almost 30 years!  She continued to tell me that her abortion burden impacted every area of her life, her marriage, her parenting, her relationships and even her job. Once she connected the dots of her abortion to its negative effects on her life, the chain began to break, the heavy ball rolled away and the healing from her abortion wounds began! She is amazed by the freedom she is experiencing, a new freedom that honestly, she shares has been life-changing and she has never felt before.

aR Connection Support Meetings 

Connect with other women who can say “me too” … Join us for aR (abortion recovery) Connection post-abortion healing support groups:

Columbus                 2nd Tuesday of each month – 7:00-8:00pm – October 9, 2018

                                   PDHC 665 East Dublin Granville Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43229

                                             3rd Wednesday of each month – 9:30-10:30am – October 17, 2018

                           W.A.R.M. 150 Heatherdown Dr., Westerville, Ohio 43081


Other Locations     Please call or text (614) 721-2100 for a referral to a partner

post-abortion recovery and care group.

These groups are for individuals who have a shared abortion experience to connect with each other and to discuss how they can find support. Connection groups provide a safe, confidential, compassionate and nonjudgmental place for individuals to begin the process of healing after abortion. Call or text (614) 721-2100 and visit www.OurChoiceOurVoice.org .

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Weekend

February 15-17, 2019

Women who have attended a Rachel’s Vineyard Healing Retreat Weekend have said: 

“JESUS IS REALLY REAL, alive, and in love with us all!!! I came to the retreat expecting something, I didn’t know what but God exceeded anything that I could explain in words. The retreat truly took healing to a level I didn’t know existed and I still can’t believe that it’s happening to me!!! My Life Has Changed and I am Speechless. Thank you, Team, I truly love you all.” 

“Excellent exercises that bring participants along the journey of forgiveness and grace.” 

“God-breathed and His Son and Spirit were all constantly present, embracing and moving. My sisters in the group and the team members’ hearts were all open, accepting, understanding and kind.” 

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done! I sensed the Lord’s presence there often in every way.” 


One in four women has personally been affected by abortion. 

Rachel’s Vineyard post-abortion healing retreat weekend is February 15-17, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. 

This confidential retreat is a small group of others who can say “me too”.  The retreat begins Friday afternoon at 3:00pm and concludes on Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm.  Each woman has her own room, all meals are included.  The retreat includes a time of Spiritual connection and personal reflection in a lovely retreat setting.  For more information call or text Carolyn at 614-721-2100 or email her at CarolynK@PDHC.org.